What are the best free online trading courses?


There are some courses that allow you to learn, practice and start trading with confidence.

When we talk about the most Frequently Asked Questions, we mention the minimum requirements to start trading online. According to this, starting with a good Internet connection is enough. That’s true, but if you want to do it with confidence and feel comfortable in the operations you make, we´ll recommend doing training online. As we described here, the top brokers online offer interesting education tools on their website, but there are a huge variety of courses in the digital world, which complements these kinds of tools given by the brokers online.

Here, we give you an approach to the best training courses that we found on the Internet and how to start with them. First, we´ll answer some basic questions.

Education is one of the best investments you can make in order to start trading with confidence.

What are you going to learn through these courses? With most of them, you will learn about the stock market, understand many of the complexities of the markets, have the confidence to start investing virtual money, and know how to talk about it, among other things.

Is it easy to start the practicing with this training online? Yes. The first step is creating an account; this will allow you to get into the intro course. It’s quite simple, you have to put your name, email and add a password. Immediately, it will redirect you to another page to start the course.

Educational Platforms: learn, then practice 

In the UDEMY platform– an e-learning and teaching platform – the course “Stock Market Investing for Beginners”, which teaches the basics of the stock market is available . Like most of the courses online, this one includes a video and a pair of articles as introduction. 

To enroll in this course, you can sign up with your email or continue with Facebook or Google. In the list of contents, it includes 7 sections with topics like what is a stock, the stocks basics notions, exchange and the markets, an overview of the most legendary investors (Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch), how to read a financial statement, investing strategies, and several others. The course is available on IOS and Android and, once you have completed it, you will get a certificate. 

If you feel the self-confidence to start trading with some of the top brokers online, you can choose one from here. Otherwise, you will have the possibility to continue with advanced courses, but for sure they will carry a cost. 

Another educational platform is Forex 101, which includes a three-step program that will help beginners to learn everything about Forex and CFD.

This training course also includes a video, articles and a quiz after each lesson that allows you to prove your knowledge and continue across other levels. So, you start as a “Beginner” and if you pass the quiz, you will continue in the following steps: “Intermediate” then “Advanced”.

In step one, as a beginner, you can learn the basics and get started through two lessons followed by the quiz: getting to know forex and a trader´s starter pack. In step 2, intermediate, you will get a feel for forex trading, setting up MT4, and help you to make your first trade, thinking strategically. In step 3 (advanced), you can create your game plan, know the power of indicators and learn how to manage risk effectively.

Now, let´s talk about TopStep Trader which offers the opportunity of become a funded Futures Trader in a few steps. How does it work? First, you have to prove you can profit, by demonstrating your knowledge in the Futures market. Do you have a strategy? Do you like challenges? Do you want to prove yourself as a trader? This is the opportunity to do it.

The following step involves the risk management. Hence, you will have to create the conditions in order to show that you are consistent with your trading style. Thus, you will have the confidence from the platform by proving that the borrowed capital is safe.

Once you have proved your abilities, you can earn a funded trading account, and have  the first US $ 5000 in profit.

In the Forex School Online, you can choose between the Free Online Beginners Forex Course and an Extra Bonus with Forex School Online Downloads.

The course includes ten short lessons in which you learn the basic notions about the following topics: Forex Trading, tips to understand the Forex Market, Forex Leverage, Margin, Lots & Pips, advice about the best trading sessions and times of the day to trade, the best analysis. Also, you can learn about brokers, their spreads and commissions, the forex money management, and so on.

The method is similar to the other courses, with registration via email or social networks, some lessons and then the possibility to start the course, which includes an easy quiz. In short, with the full introduction course, you can learn how to begin and then move to the next stage in the Forex markets.

The Online Trading Academy has a free online class on its website. The unique and necessary requirement is the registration with your personal data (name, email, and phone) so you can access a free half-day class. To be part of this class is essential to select a date in which you could take the webinar.

Once you´re registered, you´ll have the date confirmation and a link to access the session one hour in advance of the start time.

By the simple registration, you can also participate in streaming classes like the live weekly Hour with the Pros webinar with access to past recorded sessions; access to online resources, and take the free online courses available in the platform: “How the financial markets really work”, “How to retire with more money than you need”, and “The lost decade”.

Learning from a course online will give you a piece of mind to start trading with a broker

This is a short overview about some of the free online trading courses available in the digital world, and we think they are a very good way to start. Once you feel confident, you will need a broker to start the real practice with.

Our advice is to read the full reviews of the Top Brokers of 2019, in order to make the best financial decision as possible.


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